Gather Round the Yule Leg

scary-christmas-tree“Now get a firm grip on my branches kids,” Jeffrey Pine said. “Virginia, don’t you slouch either.”

“I don’t see why we have to do this,” Douglas complained.

“It’s a great way to connect as a family,” his mother said.

“OK, now everyone get ready to swing my trunk into the door,” Jeff said. “One…Two… Three.”

All the Pines slammed their patriarch into the front door so they could gain entrance.  

“Now let’s see what’s left,” he said righting himself and straightening his needles.

“Oh, I told you we should have gotten here sooner. They’ve already taken the tall ones.”

“Now kids let’s take a look at all the humans here. Do you like this little blond one? Or how about this older gray one.”

“He’ll never last till New Year. His hair is already falling out.”

“I like the one with the short hair in the green sweater,” Loblolly said.

“I like that one too.”

“How about you Douglas?”


“OK! We’ll get him. I’ll even let you saw his legs off.” Jeff moved close to the terrified child. “Ha! I would usually need one of you to hold him still but he’s too scared to run. Isn’t that convenient? Now Loblolly hold the bone saw right here…. Yes that’s it… Right through the shin. You want to get a straight cut so we can set him in the holder and decorate him. We’ll have a great fire around the Yule Leg tonight!”


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