F3 – Cycle 111 – In The Not Too Distant Future

Prompt: Write a 1.300 word or less crime story set in the not too distant future on New Year’s Eve using the Cyberpunk genre as a backdrop (think Blade Runner or Dune). Use at least 3 Cyberpunk words.

Not really sure what to say about this one. I haven’t read any William Gibson yet (though I plan on picking something up at the library later). Hopefully it’s within the style and you enjoy it. I had some fun writing it though it was a little bit more difficult than I’d anticipated.

Cyberpatriot  (1144 words)

Sitting @ my cpu isn’t the first place Id choose 2 b on New Year’s Eve. But I have work 2 do.

Congressman Cotillard will continue trying to push through his internet censorship bill in the new year and he must be taken down. There is 2 much @ stake. Freedom 4 1.

I don’t know where he got the idea that we (being the US) need to police the internet. I don’t even know how u police the internet. It’s not like u can put cop cars on ethernet cables or have FBI agents looking at porn websites 2 c who searches 4 “underage.”

But this is the society we live in. This is the society r 4fathers built. Weve all been raised on the internet and text messages and instant access to any information we can imagine. And now theyre trying to take that all away. But we wont let them will we?

They always try 2 put up these roadblocks 2 the free exchange of ideas but they dont take into account ppl like me. The hackers that make this stuff work and know how to tear it down. They come to me when their hard drive is on the fritz or to help them install Windows Millenium b/c they cant figure out how to do it. I write software to make their lives easier and help them 2 run their companies. They give me the toys to play with then try to take them away. But I know how to keep my toys.

They ban certain websites in other countries I guess. In Germany it is illegal to go onto Nazi websites. China heavily censors internet access 4 its citizens. But not here. They cant do it here. And I’ll tell you why. Because weve already seen what is behind the curtain. We already know whats out there. And we can use it against them.

Information is power. Just ask J Edgar Hoover. That’s why they want 2 take it away. Not because of some pretention of being in a ‘Christian’ society. That’s y college is so expensive. Info is power. And it is to b guarded & protected at all costs.

Most nights I use my cpu 2 pirate movies and TV shows from Sweden. C, Ive got a great setup with a VPN so everything I do is routed through that country b/c they have the most lax copyright laws. Verizon doesn’t know what’s going on, they just see a lot of info comking from Scandanavia. I can get just about anything I want, its beautiful.

But that’s not what Im doing 2night. 2night I need 2 do something special. Something meaningful.

Congressman Cotillard is proposing a bill that would severly restrict internet access in this country. He would shut down several high level sites that are important for the free flow of info including Wikileaks, and youporn.

I might not agree with what these sites are saying but I’ll fight 2 my death their right to say it.

He wants to ban pornography and opposing political views online. What he doesnt understand is that this is the internet. 1 of the things that makes it great is that anyone can anonymously post something derogatory about the party in power with impunity. It’s the greatest bastion of free speech anywhere in the world. There is nowhere else u are granted that kind of freedom. Ive heard that the internet was even used to topple gov’ts in the beginning of this century.

And I just like porn.

So before I go 2 the party of the year happening down the road I have some work 2 do. I’ll hack into the cpu’s at the County Sheriff’s Office, they have a big case they’re working on right now. 1 of the coaches @ a local high school was videotaping the boys basketball team in the locker room as they showered. Oh my. He would have gotten away with it but he wanted to share on the internet. Tsk Tsk. When will these perverts learn. Its all there for the taking but u have to be careful. Even online ur only so anonymous.

So a quick hack into their database will allow me to download the videos that this oddball teacher had on his cpu. I’ll have hours of underage boys showering in the school locker room. Not really the kind of thing i generally get into but I need it right @ the moment. After Ive downloaded it I’ll send it to the good Congressman’s cpu. Another great thing about the net is that is allows us all to connect. I can get into his cpu as easily as I can log in to gmail. Nowadays you don’t even need to have a phone line to do this. Were all already connected.

Of course this isn’t enough. No 1 gets caught just having underage porn on their cpu. U have to share it. So the good Congressman is about to become a member of several websites that his bill looks to muzzle., PornHub and of course Youporn. A bit of poetic justice to end the career of 1 of the most dangerous people in our country since Joe McCarthy.

I like 2 think of myself as a patriot. 1 of the last defenders of freedom of speech.

So I click download. I ckick send. And faster than u can say ‘clipper chip’ Ive downloaded several hours of perversion. I use the same credit card the congressman did when he boughtPegging 5: A Strap-On Love Story” from to make his membership on the smut sites. It seems fair. He doesn’t use that card very often. Just 4 those special purchases. Then I upload. And upload. And Upload. I do this all from my cpu in the midwest but tomorow when the FBI breaks down his door in NYC they wont know that. Sure theyll b able to prove some1 did some thing eventually. But by then his reputation will be tarnished. He wont b able to get elected dogcatchher.

And it doesn’t really matter anyway does it? It’s all a means to a greater end. We have 2 remain free. Especially at the expense of people who think theyre trying to protect us. Theyre the most dangerous.

I wish I could have just uploaded the video on his cpu of the sick stuff he does with his wife. Or his mistress. Or his young aide. Of course things like that aren’t illegal. Yet. They might be if he were to make senator. So I’ll just stop him now. I’ll commit my little crime to prevent his greater 1s.

Now that it’s done it’s time 2 hit the road. It’s New Year’s. A time for new beginings. Let’s eat drink and be merry. Tomorow is a brighter day.


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6 Responses to Cyberpatriot

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  2. Tom Elias says:

    I like the idea you have here and the stream of consciousness of the character. You also use textspeak/chatspeak well, it enhances the story. By the way, where do you get your prompts?

  3. Joyce Juzwik says:

    This is SO great! It perfectly fits the prompt, and the matter-of-fact style in which it is told makes it all the more terrifying. So much power to be abused on both ends of the spectrum.

    “We have 2 remain free. Especially at the expense of people who think theyre trying to protect us. Theyre the most dangerous.” Brilliant lines. I’m so jealous I didn’t write them!

  4. Robert says:

    I agree with Joyce. The tone and language, down to misspellings was wonderful detail. Great job!

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