A View to the End

F3, Cycle 110: 12/21/12 Forecast–HOT, With No Chance of Rain…Ever…

Prompt:  Write a story using words that we have been hearing a lot recently.  They are:  End, apocalypse, fireballs, zombie, alignment, famine

Genre:  Any

Word Limit:  1,221 (for real)

It’s nice to be back at the flash fiction after an absence  and this was a very fun prompt to write about. Hope you all enjoy it.

“A View To The End” (1221 Words)


As I’ve never been one to miss a good show, December 21st 2012 found me on the hill overlooking the city locally known as “The Point.” I was there to see the apocalypse and that’s just what happened. See, the end of the world did come that day, just as the end of the world comes everyday for a few people. Don’t believe me? Read the obituaries in your local newspaper. The end of those peoples world came just the day before. Just as the end of mine came on the winter solstice. I didn’t die but my world ended just the same. Just like after the end of humanity the earth will go on. There may not be life as we know it, cockroaches and Twinkies may survive, but overall the planet will most likely just be a burnt-out husk. A rock floating through space with no life. Just like what I am now.

You see, the 21st found me parking my car on the side of the road and taking the trail up to the point to get the best vantage point for Armageddon I could imagine. It was a short walk. Only about a mile. But it was rough that day. Not because I was infirm or out of shape, but because I was carrying a heavy load of supplies. I had 2 fifths of vodka and a fifth of Wild Turkey. I also had a gallon of orange juice, a gallon of water, a carton of Pall Malls, an eighth of weed, a sub sandwich, a bag of chips, a box of oatmeal cream pies, a 9mm handgun and a ten strip of what I was promised was very good blotter acid.

I hoped I wouldn’t be needing all of this stuff. The gun especially. But I was preparing for the end of life as we know it so it seemed appropriate to err on the side of caution. I put on my backpack and set out. But not before I put the strip of acid in my mouth and began to chew. Best to get the party started.

It was about two in the afternoon when I reached my destination. From there I could see the Walmart, Sheetz and Burger King. It wasn’t downtown, but it was close to the freeway and the best bet for action on a day like this.

I poured a screwdriver into one of the cups I’d brought and gathered firewood. It was cold and I didn’t think I’d need to stay past midnight, but that was hours away and the sun would be setting soon. I’d hoped to have some company for this show but all my friends had to work or were busy with girlfriends. I didn’t see the point of that. This was the apocalypse, a once in a lifetime event. I’d used a sick day.

It didn’t take me long to get bored. By 8 pm I’d eaten the sub, half the chips, smoked three joints, and drank most of my booze. I should have been seeing strange shit by default but instead I was sitting there waiting for the drugs to kick in beside a dying fire. That’s when it all started.

I thought it was just a meteor shower at first. There were brilliant pinpoint of lights coming toward town from the east. I thought they were just shooting stars so I wished for the apocalypse and that’s just what I got. By the time I realized it was overcast and starting to snow they became brilliant fireballs. They crashed into the edge of town in radiant flashes and mushroomed into the sky with debris from homes and businesses. I saw my ex-girlfriend’s house engulfed in the barrage and let out a whoop. I was standing and cheering when one crashed into our Walmart and destroyed a fortune of cheaply made consumerism manufactured in the third world. One destroyed the freeway overpass and cars plunged to a heap of wreckage and gasoline fires.

I had a moment to reflect on what this would mean for me. For one, I would be able to get home without fear of being pulled over for drunk driving. I had a view of the biggest bonfire this town had ever known and I planned to enjoy it. I also knew that my apartment on the south side, far from where the fireballs had crashed, was stocked up on ramen noodles and cans of chef boyardee so I would be able to escape the coming famine. I was close to the river so I would have fresh water and I’d even opted for a pad with a fireplace so heat wouldn’t be a problem.

God it was beautiful. No more traffic jams.

When I heard a rustling in the trees behind me I didn’t think much of it at first. I wasn’t the first person to come to the point with pot or alcohol (though I may be the last). I had my 9mm in my waistband and a joint between my fingers. I would have been happy for some company. I hoped it was Patrick. I’d told him he shouldn’t go to work at Walmart that day. I was surprised to see two zombies in police uniforms. I’d thought the fireballs were just runofthemill destruction but they must have contained radioactive materials that turned normal citizens to brain eating mutants. I’d never thought the zombie apocalypse very probable, but I wasn’t unprepared. I took a shot and hit the first in the chest. His partner ambled behind a treeand out of sight. I guess they weren’t as stupid as George Romero wanted us to believe.

I couldn’t help turning back to the conflagration. I’d always hated this town and was excited to watch it burn, but when I turned I saw the same sight that had been there for the past several hours. All the buildings were still intact. The freeway traffic was flowing smoothly. People were doing their Christmas shopping. My exe’s house was still intact. I heard more feet behind me and turned to see an army of zombie police closing in.

“You wont get my brains that easy, bastards,” I shouted. I had three magazine for the gun and was a good shot. I wasn’t going down without a fight.

It took me by surprise when one of the zombie cops pulled his gun and shot me in my shoulder. I didn’t think they could shoot that well. I didn’t think they could shoot at all. But down I went, with all the booze and drugs in my system there was no way I could stand a blow like that.

The good news is that they declared me mentally unfit to stand trial for the murder of the officer I killed. Temporary drug-induced insanity. The bad news is that I’m stuck on the top floor of a mental hospital for an indefinite amount of time. Oh well, it’s got a good view of the town. Just about as good as the one from the point. So maybe there will be a planetary alignment sometime soon. Maybe at the spring equinox. And the drugs they give me here are just about as good as that acid I took on the end of the world. I hope…


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2 Responses to A View to the End

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  2. Joyce Juzwik says:

    Wow. This one takes your breath away. Superb view of the end of at least one person’s world. Brava!

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