Working Class Hero

F3, Cycle 103: Imagine

Prompt:  Write a story using one of the following Lennon songs as a title:

  • “Working Class Hero”
  • “Isolation”
  • “Beautiful Boy”
  • “I’m Losing You”
  • “Cold Turkey”
  • “Jealous Guy”
  • “(Just Like) Starting Over”

Genre:  Open

Word Count:  999 words or less

“Working Class Hero” has always been my favorite John Lennon song. I’m not sure if it’s because I identify with the lyrics, think its a great incendiary piece against the status quo or because he uses the word ‘fuck.’ Either way I liked it so much I got it elected class song for OWE back in high school.

I pretty much knew what my title would be when I saw the prompt but I listened to all the songs (I even had to find ‘I’m Losing You’ on YouTube because it’s not in my personal collection). Thanks for giving me an excuse to enjoy some songs by one of the greatest songsmiths of all time.


I’ve been sitting here for most of the weekend. Fuck it. It’s the weekend. This is my time. I work hard through the week, and I should get to relax. I’m just so sick and tired of these damn commercials. They’ve been coming at me for as long as I can remember. From the time I was born I’ve been seeing them. Mother sat me down in my bassinette in front of this idiot box and then my stroller and then my walker. Never gave me any time that woman. It would have been nice to have felt love instead of just the bedsores. Then there was school. It was so hard to just stay under the radar there. Always struggling to make Cs so nobody thought I was stupid. I suppose it’s better than if I’d been too smart. They give you so much attention if you’re too smart, but you can tell how much they hate you. They hate you because their jealous. Not that they’d have to be jealous of me anyway. They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool. It’s better to stay in the middle and follow the rules. Why am I even watching this game anyway? Because I root for this football team that never wins? Because they’re from my state? Because my grandfather rooted for them? I wish I’d done something more with my life. I did my twenty years in the public school system and picked a career just like they wanted me to. I didn’t want the army or college so I went to the factory. I’ve been a good worker too. I don’t miss work. Sometimes I wish I’d done something different though. Travelled Europe or Seen the Grand Canyon or spent a summer in Alaska. Something like that. I guess I was always too scared. Come on you bastard tackle him. Tackle him. Tackle him! So here I’ve sat every day for the past twenty years. Well, we bought this house 15 years ago now so it’s only been that long. Just going to church and banging the old lady and watching the tube. At least we live in America. We’re all equal here. And free too. Even those damn Muslims. No kings or queens, just one great American people.  And another damn campaign commercial. I can’t wait until this shit is over. They’re all a bunch of crooks anyway. Why vote? It’s all rigged. Fuck it. Maybe I should run for office. I’d be good at that. I could be like one of the folks on the hill. Shit. I need another beer.

“Hey Jessica!”



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3 Responses to Working Class Hero

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  3. Joyce Juzwik says:

    You have truly captured the ‘regular’ guy here. Sitting in his favorite chair, a bowl of pretzels in his lap, a beer in one hand, the remote in the other. The game’s on, any game, and there’s a newspaper on the couch. Of course, only the Sports section has been removed and viewed. The wife is doing her cooking and cleaning thing while hubby narrates the game and informs her of all the world’s ills and how to fix each and every one. Archie Bunker lives.

    This was a disturbing delight. It reminded me of my father, all his brothers, and every uncle on my mom’s side too. So wild and so real. Love it!

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